Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph's Neither For The Kids, Nor For GrownUps

1.5 stars

Mini Review:

None of the kids today have seen arcade games, so this whole concept of arcade game characters getting into the Net (literally) seems odd. There are moments of course, that make grown ups smile, make you feel overwhelmed with emotion, but they are so few and far between that you sort of pass out...

Main Review:

All is not lost movie nerds! There are enough references in the film to keep you from falling asleep. Enough self-deprecating jokes to keep you grinning into your popcorn and chuckling. 

But this movie will drive the kids restless and whiny. There are too many conversations about life. And Sunrises. Why would a six or even an eight year old want to look at two animation characters talk about watching the Sunrise in real life versus life on the Net where the Sun does not set and it is neon lit all the time?

The best part of the movie is when Vanellope meets all the Disney princesses. Yes, it is better than the silly nerdy fan who asks a long-winded question to the character. All the Disney princesses are there, and the conversation is sparkling, brilliant actually. Who'd have thunk that Disney would laugh at themselves, with every princess needing to be 'rescued by a man' and that each princess discovers her mojo when staring at some sort of water. 

The kids sitting in the row behind me were restless with all that talk, and they began to kick the seats in front of them (that's me) - one positively wailing when they saw the mean looking virus - and then crying when many Ralphs form one gigantic King Kong like gorilla, climbing on to a building with Vanellope in his fist. 

There is more conversation about letting go that made me tear up, but out of emotion. But the kids were stuffing more popcorn in their mouths and wailing because they were bored.

Yes, I came away realising that we cannot hold on to people and that you have to let go of friends who want to live their own life that does not include you, and it broke my heart. But Ralph did not break the Internet.   

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