Mad Fun! It's Different, Watch It!

3 Happy Singing Stars!

Mini Review:

A Hindi Musical film is not always Mughal-E-Azam or Hum Aapke Hain Koun... This adventure caper is like a Disney Musical, the chorus bursting into spontaneous song and rhyme and brilliantly choreographed. The chases are wonderfully planned as well, and even though you don't have thigh-slapping moments of fun, you cannot help but smile. Yes, the villains are too nasty for a caper film like this one, but that fact does not hurt this film too much.

Main Review:

A young orphan boy lives under the stairs like Harry Potter,
In a hospital setting, doesn't speak 'coz he can only stutter.

He saves a stranger from the train, who in turn adopts him,
Jagga's life is magical now, he learns to rhyme everything.

And just as mysteriously, the stranger turned dad disappears
Jagga's in boarding school now, his jasoosi is good with peers

He solves a murder at school, he helps journo Katrina Kaif
Find arms smugglers, she looks older alas, no longer waif.

An annual birthday tape from dad assures Jagga all's well,
He's singing songs about mistakes, the baddies are raising hell.

One birthday, tape does not arrive but a cop with an obit does,
Jagga goes to Calcutta gets embroiled with crooked fuzz.

Katrina reluctantly helps him they go to Marakkesh
But Anurag Basu thinks everything is Bongo Pradesh.

Stop mentioning Feluda, and TikTiki is lizard not train station
But Hindi rhyme in dialog is a pretty good innovation.

An accident prone heroine makes all the chases mad fun
Reviewers expect Barfi, but this film in hundred is one.

The non-rhyme parts are a tad tedious and drag along,
Katrina and bus scene is good, so are actors, mostly Bong.   

Ranbir Kapoor as Jagga with odd cowlick is very likeable
And the surprise villain is straight outta ancient scary fable.

The film would've been shot as if it's a cartoon
With treasure maps, even stealing shrinking the moon

The smuggling of arms, Netaji and other preachy stuff
The villainy is serious and the Bengali connect- yaar, enough!

People will hate it or love it, I belong to the latter bunch
I like caper films and this one's perfect like popcorn crunch.

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Author: Manisha Lakhe

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